Start Investing today to build wealth, retire rich and secure your family's future.

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Start Investing today to build wealth, retire rich, and secure your family's future.
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Enjoy Financial Freedom with Smart Investment Plans that are Simple, Lucrative, and Accessible


Our excellent team of researchers who possess years of experience is there to provide you with high-quality assistance at every step of investment.


We offer the best investment plans customized for each customer through our sturdy and effective algorithm for finance advisory


Our user-interface is simple and easy-to-use. The mobile application and website have simple designs with interesting visuals that help you to understand our products and services easily.


Metta money is your financial advisor who assists you in making investment according to your risk profile.

Why Are We Different?

Unbiased Advice

We recognize and embrace our obligation to serve you as a fiduciary

Simple, Convenient & Quick

Entire investment process is paperless - be it KYC registration or buying/selling of MFs or monitoring your portfolio.

Portfolio Building Approach

Same size does not fit for all; portfolio structuring is in line with your risk appetite.

High-Tech with High-Touch

Optimal mix of sophisticated technology and human expertise